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While the word demolition may bring to mind a destructive and uncontrolled process, in practice it’s really more of a fine science. When we are called to a commercial or residential demolition project, whatever the size of the building we’re demolishing may be, we see to it that the building is razed quickly, safely and with as little infiltration of demolished materials into surrounding areas as possible.

Hagen Grading has all the necessary experience and equipment to demolish concrete and asphalt structures, including roads, and our process reliably tears down any variety of structures including those made of brick, steel, iron, and wood. Safety is our priority in everything that we do, and we tend to asbestos abatement and obtain any necessary permits in order to ensure that our work is performed flawlessly. If you are planning a project that will require any sized scope of demolition services, please call us today to learn how we may be of service.


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